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Checkout the newest changes for both the AFC and NFC. Due to early injuries and future drafts and trades, the majority of NFL teams are getting sparked for the 2018 NFL Preseason. All 32 teams have been analysed and those results are below in lists.

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Browns —

Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming: No players on injured list.

Browns (from Texans) — Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

**PROPOSED TRADE** Bills (from Giants) — Sam Darnold, QB, USC:

Landon CollinsDBSidelinedApr 11armReady for training camp
Josh MauroDLSuspendedMar 23Week 5
Roger LewisWRSidelinedDec 31ankleReady for training camp
Odell BeckhamWRSidelinedOct 9ankleReady for training camp

Jets (from Colts) — Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA:

Marcus MayeDBSidelinedMar 27ankleQuestionable for OTAs
Quincy EnunwaWRSidelinedAug 7neckQuestionable for OTAs
Devin SmithWRSidelinedMay 22knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp

Broncos — Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State:

Jordan TaylorWRSidelinedJan 4hipQuestionable for training camp
Derek WolfeDLSidelinedDec 5neckQuestionable for OTAs

Colts (from Jets) — Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina State:

Malik HookerDBSidelinedOct 22knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp
Krishawn HoganWRSidelinedSep 26knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp
Erik SwoopeTESidelinedAug 14knee surgeryQuestionable for OTAs
Andrew LuckQBSidelinedJan 19shoulderQuestionable for Week 1

**PROPOSED TRADE** Giants (from Buccaneers) — Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame:

Landon CollinsDBSidelinedApr 11armReady for training camp
Josh MauroDLSuspendedMar 23Week 5
Roger LewisWRSidelinedDec 31ankleReady for training camp
Odell BeckhamWRSidelinedOct 9ankleReady for training camp

Bears — Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama:

Kyle LongGSidelinedDec 5shoulderQuestionable for training camp
Kevin WhiteWRSidelinedSep 11shoulderQuestionable for OTAs

49ers — Derwin James, S, Florida State:

Brock CoyleLBSidelinedMar 14shoulderReady for training camp
Richard ShermanDBSidelinedMar 11achillesQuestionable for training camp
Trent BrownTSidelinedDec 15shoulderReady for training camp
Pierre GarconWRSidelinedNov 2neckReady for training camp

**PROPOSED TRADE** Cardinals (from Raiders) — Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma:

Jermaine GreshamTESidelinedDec 31achillesQuestionable for Week 1
D.J. HumphriesTSidelinedNov 13knee surgeryQuestionable for OTAs
Markus GoldenLBSidelinedOct 2knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp

Dolphins — Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia:

Andre BranchDLSidelinedJan 31kneeQuestionable for OTAs
Ryan TannehillQBSidelinedJan 3knee surgeryReady for OTAs
Tony LippettDBSidelinedAug 15achillesReady for OTAs
Raekwon McMillanLBSidelinedAug 11knee surgeryReady for OTAs

 **PROPOSED TRADE** Buccaneers (from Bengals via Bills and Giants) — Mike Hughes, CB, Central Florida:

Noah SpenceDLSidelinedOct 25shoulderReady for training camp

Redskins — Vita Vea, DT, Washington:

Jordan ReedTESidelinedMar 27hamstringQuestionable for training camp
Chris ThompsonRBSidelinedJan 2legReady for training camp
Morgan MosesTSidelinedDec 31ankleReady for training camp
Trent WilliamsTSidelinedDec 29knee surgeryReady for training camp

**PROPOSED TRADE** Chargers (from Packers) — Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech:  No players on injured list.

**PROPOSED TRADE** Raiders (from Cardinals) — Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama:

Eddie VanderdoesDLSidelinedDec 31knee surgeryQuestionable for Week 1
Donald PennTSidelinedDec 18footQuestionable for training camp
Obi MelifonwuDBSidelinedDec 15hipQuestionable for training camp
Gareon ConleyDBSidelinedNov 13shin splintsReady for OTAs

Ravens — Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio:

Carl DavisDLSidelinedJan 12shoulderReady for training camp
Jimmy SmithDBSidelinedJan 4achillesQuestionable for Week 1
Marshal YandaGSidelinedJan 4ankleReady for training camp
Kenneth DixonRBSidelinedJan 4knee surgeryReady for OTAs
Nico SiragusaGSidelinedAug 1knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp
Tavon YoungDBSidelinedJul 21knee surgeryReady for OTAs
Darren WallerTESuspendedJun 30Return 2018?

**PROPOSED TRADE** Packers (from Chargers) — Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama:

NamePOSStatusDateInjuryReturnsBryan BulagaTSidelinedNov 7knee surgeryQuestionable for training campQuinten RollinsDBSidelinedOct 16achillesQuestionable for training camp

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**PROPOSED TRADE** Steelers (from Seahawks) — Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama:

Tyler MatakevichLBSidelinedFeb 13shoulderQuestionable for OTAs
Ryan ShazierLBI.L.Jan 4backReturn 2019?
James ConnerRBSidelinedDec 19knee surgeryReady for training camp

Cowboys — DJ Moore, WR, Maryland:

Terrance WilliamsWRSidelinedMar 26footQuestionable for training camp
Geoff SwaimTESidelinedJan 27knee surgeryQuestionable for OTAs
Ryan SwitzerWRSidelinedJan 27ankleQuestionable for OTAs
Maliek CollinsDLSidelinedJan 9footQuestionable for OTAs
Randy GregoryDLSuspendedJan 5Out indefinitely

**PROPOSED TRADE** Patriots (from Lions) — Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College:

Jordan MatthewsWRSidelinedApr 5knee surgeryQuestionable for OTAs
Antonio GarciaTSidelinedMar 1heartQuestionable for training camp
Devin McCourtyDBSidelinedFeb 14shoulderQuestionable for OTAs
Cyrus JonesDBSidelinedAug 31knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp
Julian EdelmanWRSidelinedAug 26knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp

Bengals (from Bills) — James Daniels, C, Iowa:

Cordy GlennTSidelinedJan 9footQuestionable for OTAs

**PROPOSED TRADE** Giants (from Chiefs via Bills) — Taven Bryan, DT, Florida:

Landon CollinsDBSidelinedApr 11armReady for training camp
Josh MauroDLSuspendedMar 23Week 5
Roger LewisWRSidelinedDec 31ankleReady for training camp
Odell BeckhamWRSidelinedOct 9ankleReady for training cam


Patriots (from Rams) — Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame:

Panthers — Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M:

Jack ConklinTSidelinedJan 14knee surgeryQuestionable for Week 1

Titans — Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State:

Jack ConklinTSidelinedJan 14knee surgeryQuestionable for Week 1

Falcons — Will Hernandez, G, Texas-El Paso:

Takk McKinleyDLSidelinedFeb 1shoulderQuestionable for OTAs
Justin HardyWRSidelinedJan 24shoulderQuestionable for OTAs

Saints — Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford:

Josh HuffWRSuspendedMar 19Return Week 3
Alex OkaforLBSidelinedMar 16achillesQuestionable for training camp
Cameron JordanDLSidelinedFeb 23footReady for OTAs
Josh HillTESidelinedFeb 7fingerReady for OTAs
Andrus PeatTSidelinedJan 7ankleReady for training camp
Daniel LascoRBSidelinedNov 13neckQuestionable for training camp
Nathan StuparLBSidelinedOct 16knee surgeryQuestionable for training camp
Cameron MeredithWRSidelinedAug 28knee surgeryQuestionable for OTAs

**PROPOSED TRADE** Seahawks (from Steelers) — Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa:

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