AFC Texans and Colts Prepare for 2018 Training Camp


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“The Crippling End”

Due to a concussion, currently, there is a grand total of 16 NFL players who are stuck on the injured lists, during April 2018. Now, attaching all of there names onto one webpage article is only essential to certain groups of  fantasy football members and those particular enthusiasts who need to know information fast. Fortunately, the Internet can give out that type of technology to today’s users.

In relation, don’t most families need to understand additional degrees of that type of knowledge – feelings, the real issues and policy? Additional resources are available to help those kind of researching ventures. Ideally, how can an organization develop and attain players of that caliber; getting hurt, during the NFL football off-season?

Although Adequate Facilities and Star Level Staff Exist in the NFL – The Concussion

Houston Texans
Houston Texans

Houston Texans Concussion List

Do examples exist for sports enthusiasts to comprehend this certain level of technology, sanctity and godliness? The answer is yes. Find out the latest whoas and possible hardships that were caused after the gigantic battle for NFL level championship titles.

After, the Houston Texans new GM Brian Gaine as the Texans held a press conference to introduce their new free-agent signees at NRG Stadium, Thursday, March 15, 2018, in Houston, the ‘Houston Chronicle’ had a few choice words for fantasy football fans and NFL enthusiasts. But, when the new general manager exited the stage Thursday afternoon, there was no way around it: Gaine and the Texans still had a  ton of work to do before things get real in 2018.

“This is only one phase of the player-acquisition process and we’re not done, and we’ll continue to work to try to build a championship roster the city of Houston can be proud of,” said Gaine, who’s two months into his new gig as Bill O’Brien’s right-hand man.

Jeff Allen         T        12/31/17       Concussion         Questionable for the start of training camp

Texans offensive tackle Jeff Allen suffered a concussion against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Texans left offensive tackle Jeff Allen remains in the NFL concussion protocol and is set to be replaced in the starting lineup by rookie Julie’n Davenport. Allen suffered a concussion against the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to their city news source – Aaron Wilson, ‘Houston Chronicle.’

Kendall Lamm        T        12/31/17         Concussion         Questionable for the start of training camp

There is a way for offensive lineman Kendall Lamm to help the Houston Texans going forward. Offensive lineman Kendall Lamm quickly lost his starting job for the Houston Texans in week one after struggling at left tackle. Since then, we’ve seen Lamm help out along the offensive line, but not really have a definitive role, according an associate sports writer named Paul Jackiewicz.

He continues to write about the situation, “….the Texans had brought in Zach Conque as an undrafted rookie free agent this past summer, but they ended up releasing him. Now it looks like he’ll be getting a chance with the New York Jets.” Frankly, Gaines, the new Texans GM, is set on utilizing top selection options to add to his already battle-ready offensive line. Here is a quote from the ‘Houston Chronicle,’ “”As we evaluated our roster, there was an emphasi on getting bigger, longer and stronger, especially on the offensive line,” Gaine said. “Physically, he met the parameters of what we’re looking for (6-7, 330). “

Ryan Griffin         TE         02/05/18         Concussion Questionable for the start of training camp. 

Indianapolis Colts Concussions List

Indianapolis Colts 

Ryan Kelly        C         02/05/18         Concussion Questionable for the start of training camp.

The league has spent on new equipment and long-term studies on the impact of concussions and repeated head blows, according to sources. This time, the league said, the money will be earmarked for “independent medical research and engineering advancements” to advance the “prevention, diagnosis and treatment of head injuries; enhance medical protocols; and further improve the way the game is taught and played by all who love it.”

The N.F.L. has said details on its initiatives will be shared with the public,including other sports leagues and the parents of young football players, to address criticism that it has been self-serving in how it has spent the money and that it has worked behind the scenes to steer money to friendly doctors and researchers.

Indianapolis Colts Loss to the Concussion

Jason Vander Laan       TE        12/31/17        Concussion        Questionable for the start of training camp

Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts are left with three tight ends for Saturday’s game against the Ravens in Baltimore: starter Jack Doyle , along with Darrell Daniels and Ross Travis . Jason Vander Laan , another tight end, suffered a concussion during Thursday’s practice session – end week 15 (win against the Denver Broncos). The following game the Colts marked a loss (16 – 23) against the Baltimore Ravens.

Check out another release for this week. Here is a hint at the content about the study of concussions in the NFL.”

“One of our commitments is to share this information … investigate the distinctive drills that they’re running, conceivably, and educate them of where we see the most abnormal amount of wounds on specific penetrates over the alliance.”

Some portion of the purpose behind the NFL organization  worrying is the sharp increment coming following two straight years of decays. Also, in the preseason, there were nearly the same number of wounds that were discovered by the player (45), as there were in games (46), according to gathered information accumulated by IQVIA, an organization contracted by the NFL.” –

The Counter-Freakout To the Football Concussion Freakout Is Under Way (Courtesy of Bob Cook (‘Forbes’)

As more confirmation develops that rehashed football head shots can prompt long haul harm, with 49 states having organized come back to-play protocols for youthful players keeping in mind the end goal to limit long haul blackout harm, with the President of the United States himself uncertain on the off chance that he could ever let the children he doesn’t have play football, as per source who is additionally a staff write in online media.

In addition, a wealth of safeguards are presently, to proceed with that boxing allegory, ‘removing the gloves.’ Most eminent is Daniel J. Flynn, who has a book turning out titled, “The War on Football: Saving America’s Game.” Leading up to football season, Flynn has increased his book with various opinion piece pieces, including ideal here at Forbes, expressing that football is more secure than it’s at any point been, outlandish blackout claims are superfluously pushing kids from the amusement, and the game is being assaulted by those with a hostile to football motivation.

Then again, numerous essayists contend about not being the researcher of blackout specialist. Notwithstanding, there is a radical aroma to the possibility that legitimizes that examination on blackouts is simply starting, we’re as yet far from knowing whether everybody who plays football for any period of time is ensured an early demise and dementia.

Sadly, true blue focuses that Flynn raises will lose all sense of direction in the flammable dialect of a “war on football.” While there are scientists who have said playing tackle football before the young years isn’t a smart thought, generally they haven’t discussed murdering the diversion itself. It appears as though there is a decent confidence push to discover approaches to make football more secure, so as to guarantee it doesn’t pass on in view of honest to goodness parental worries over what will happen to their children’s brains.

Cook, Bob. "The Counter-Freakout To the Football Concussion Freakout Is Under Way." April 2013.

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AFC Texans And Colts Prepare For 2018 Training Camp

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