Best Remaining Free Agents

Who’s Left?

In the NFL, players are constantly on the move. Even some of the best and most well known players still remain on the market as we inch towards training camp, and they each are in search of the perfect fit. They each remain unsigned for different reasons, and it’s time to find out exactly who the options are still out there that can help your team in the upcoming season.


10. Adrian Peterson, Running Back

Adrian Peterson has arguably been one of the best running backs in the NFL over the course of his Vikings tenure. Ever since the Vikings let him go last offseason though, he’s been unable to find a stable situation. Peterson is certainly an injury risk as he has only played more than ten games in one of the past four seasons. He was traded by the Saints early last season after they no longer saw a need for his services with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram having mostly unexpected high levels of production. With injury problems as well his insistence on proving that “[He’s] still the best in the league”, he remains on the market as a player with a big personality, but also someone who could provide veteran leadership and depth to a contending team as he can finally have some postseason success to wrap up whats likely been a Canton-bound career.

Potential teams: Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers

9. Darrelle Revis, Cornerback

The man given the nickname “Revis Island” certainly had his reign as one of the most valuable defensive players in the league. However, the seven time Pro Bowl selection has certainly lost a step over the last few seasons. He had spent most of his career with the New York Jets, but a major falloff occurred when in the 2016 season opposing quarterback ratings were a dangerously high 91.7, above 30 more than what had been his career average. The Kansas City Chiefs would sign him towards the end of last season, but you could see the injuries from past seasons had taken their toll on the once dominant cornerback. To be signed, Revis would likely need to agree to move back to the safety position as he simply no longer has the ability to defend wide receivers at a high level, but at this point he still stands as a risk.

Potential teams: Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys

8. T.J. Ward, Safety

Ward was a Super Bowl champion back in his days with the Broncos, but following his disappointing 2017 campaign with the Buccaneers last season, he remains on the market. Lots of his problems though came from sporadic playing time from the coaching staff and playing behind an extremely poor pass rush. Another reason teams may be tentative to pick up this two-time Pro Bowler is a felony marijuana possession charge, but this was recently dropped. At 31 years old, he now looks to find somewhere to try and rediscover the ferocity that at one time made him one of the greatest enforcers in the game.

Potential teams: Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs

7. Jeremy Maclin, Wide Receiver

At 29 years old, Jeremy Maclin if signed will be playing for his third team in three seasons. After a solid start to his career in which he finished with at least 750 yards and four touchdowns every season, Maclin has had a major decline in production over the last two seasons. Maclin has proven he can be a good receiver especially in the slot in this league, and with his asking price at an all time low, now may be the chance to pounce on the former Pro Bowler.

Potential Teams: Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, and as he has came out and requested, Philadelphia Eagles

6. DeMarco Murray, Running Back

Murray has had a career filled with ups and downs. The highest point was obviously his 2014 season when he had 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys. He then went to the Eagles the next season, and got less than half the amount of carries he had gotten the previous season. He then followed this disappointment joining another new team, the Titans, and rebounded with the second highest amount of yards in a season over the course of his time in the league, only to get benched in the 2017 season to second year back Derrick Henry. DeMarco Murray has been really good at points, and very average at others, but he certainly is capable of producing given the right scheme and enough carries.

Potential Teams: Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and Seattle Seahawks

5.  Connor Barwin, Defensive End

Barwin was let go by the Rams simply because of how loaded they are now at the position. He is still a durable and productive player who has only missed three starts over the last seven seasons. You can plug him in and have a reliable source of sacks and also gain a very versatile player who could play linebacker if needed.

Potential Teams: Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals

4. Eric Reid, Safety

Eric Reid is surely a starting-caliber safety in the NFL, but due to his involvement in the NFL national anthem kneeling movement, teams are tentative to pick him up. Owners are simply too scared to upset their fanbase, and it is this attitude that has led to certain players who speak out on social issues that leaves Reid on the market. The former LSU stud has great size for his position and also is very quick in getting to the ball, and also still has plenty of years left at the young age of 26.

Potential Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks

3. Kenny Vaccaro, Safety

The former Texas Longhorn safety would certainly still be an upgrade for many teams, and one at the safety position that unlike several others comes without controversy. He has missed a few games in his career due to injury, but is coming off one of his stronger seasons getting his career-high in interceptions. Vacarro is very skilled, and in the right situation he can excel. He has had his moments displaying immense talent, and is a relatively young defender whose ability versus both the run and pass game is definitely worth taking a risk on for the right price.

Potential Teams: Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins

2.  Navarro Bowman, Linebacker

On the 49ers for most of his career, Bowman was once arguably the best inside linebacker in the entire league. He may have lost a step, but the four time All-Pro selection can still be a valuable asset as he is simply a tackling machine. His leg injuries have taken a toll, but he proved last year with his 11th place ranking by Pro Football Focus that he is a veteran leader to not take for granted.

Potential Teams: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and Oakland Raiders

1. Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant is certainly no longer the game-breaking receiver he was for several years in his time on the Dallas Cowboys. It seems that if Dez can find a team where he can be the second or third option at receiver, then he should be able to do well with his red zone abilities. He is likely looking for a one year deal to rebuild his reputation and get big money next offseason. However, he is going to have to find a team willing to take on his temper and will likely need to land somewhere with a quarterback he respects. Dez may not be on a roster at the moment, but we have certainly not seen the last of him in this league.

Potential Teams: San Fransisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars

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