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Borland made waves a couple of years prior when he resigned from football at 24, particularly referring to the long haul impacts of head wounds as his reason.  

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Online Interview (Chris Borland with ‘’)

Tips for Concussion Recovery

Video: “Why the NFL Should Be Scared of Chris Borland” – (Courtesy of ‘Frontline’ – YouTube)”

Video: “Chris Borland – Tackling” – Courtesy of ‘David Newman’ (Courtesy of ‘David Neumann’ – YouTube)

Video: “Pro Tip: Chris Borland” – Courtesy of “Athletes for CARE’ (Courtesy of ‘Athletes for Care’ – YouTube)

Chris Borland_Health PR excerpt
Chris Borland_Health PR excerpt

Chris Borland Quits the NFL – the One Year Career

Chris Borland raised his hand, in order to represent advocating a great cause – concussion research and sports. The football helmet is the main culprit to the game of football. However, you cannot change the game, just to make the players happy. What about the fans? Moreover, football used to supply different types of equipment, in order to protect the players. For example the helmets and pads were extremely different. Now, American football looks much different, compared to when those uniforms resembled the of rugby (smaller helmets, sleeker padding and face protection).

Christopher Borland (conceived December 26, 1990 is a previous American football linebacker who played for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). He played school football at Wisconsin, and was drafted by the 49ers in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He is one of the principal NFL players to resign from proficient football at a very early stage in his profession because of worries over head wounds intrinsic to the game, according to sources.

Linebacker Chris Borland – Career NFL statistics  –
Quarterback sacks:
Passes defended:
Forced fumbles:


Online Interview (Chris Borland with

An online media company named ‘Deadspin’ was able to get ah old of Chris Borland, the former NFL  linebacker for the 49ers. Frankly, Borland is advocating through his venue at the After the Impact Fund.

The ‘Deadspin’ company took some time with Borland to gather more information about his latest venue. Highlights relating to NFL concussion protocols, his own feelings towards his brief NFL career and politics finally hit the screens to inform readers. His is a short take on this specific interview (see below)……

Deadspin:  You’re fund-raising for the After the Impact Fund. What sort of foundation would you be able to give on the task to our readers?


Chris Borland: After I quit [the NFL], I did some work for Gridiron Greats, which was an association that gives help to previous NFL players in require. A similar initiative that figured and ran Gridiron Greats was basic in shaping and pursuing the Impact Fund.  So, I knew the greater part of the authority and just connected with them. Borland moves along by mentioning his family ties, “Having two siblings in the Army, After the Impact Fund’s mission truly hits home.”


Deadspin:  What’s your assessment of the blackout convention? It strikes me as a conspicuous change from the way head traumas were taken care of previously, It strikes me as an obvious improvement from the way brain injuries were handled in the past, especially now that independent neurologists and spotters have input, and that a[n] unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant must clear players to return, even during the week. But the league has been reluctant to enforce its provisions…..

Chris Borland: I haven’t experienced it, however simply based off different things I know a portion of the tests they use in the convention, I’m worried that it’s not objective totally. There’s one test called the ImPACT Test. One, players could toss the standard test. We used to—not exactly toss it, of course, but we wouldn’t give a valiant effort, with the expectation that if and when we were concussed and needed to take the test, our numbers wouldn’t be different to the point that we couldn’t get pulled out of the field. So I realize that is worrisome.  


Borland continues to express his point-of-view and mentions that you always have to look at who’s [examining players between games, even beyond the protocol]. The men and women that are hired to take care of players’ health, their salaries are paid by the team. Before games, you would see team docs and trainers…..


Deadspin: You were 24 years of age when you resigned. Do you miss playing by any stretch of the imagination?


Chris Borland: I miss around five percent of the experience , In other words, I wouldn’t state everyone was your companion, however, everyone has a solitary reason.  


Cite reference:  Cosentino, Dom. “Q&A: Chris Borland On Marijuana, Colin Kaepernick, And Giving Up The NFL At Age 24.” Deadspin. April 17, 2018. Accessed April 23, 2018. by MITM[qg]

Tips for Concussion Recovery

Rest and Avoid Utilizing Much Logic

One of the last things you need to do is to put your life on hold and “relax.”  You should back off on physical exercises. Invest a ton of your energy doing nothing. For the most part, resist taking part in physical activities, while your mind repairs itself.

No Calculating

Believing is really a physical action. It requires a considerable measure of neurological movement within your mind.  Avoid complex themes.  Abstain from focusing too vigorously on anything, including work or study.

Eat Right

After you’ve endured a blackout, don’t stress over your caloric admission. Presently’s not an opportunity to starve your body. You require every one of the supplements you can get. Keep in mind that you’re in recuperation mode. Your body will utilize those additional supplements to repair and recharge itself.

Pick nourishments, for example, complex carbs that lift the quieting mind synthetic serotonin. Select entire grain breads and entire grain oats rather than sugary tidbits or drinks.  Have protein at breakfast, so you have vitality and your blood glucose levels remain enduring.  Point of confinement or maintain a strategic distance from liquor and caffeine, which cause tension subsequent to eating. Both influence your rest and can cause restlessness. Remain hydrated. Drying out can cause inclination changes.

Here are the best foods to eat while recuperating from a blackout: Eggs (boiled) Fish (tuna and salmon) Lean Meats (red meats) Nuts (whole grains) – WebMD


As a side note, dodge liquor while recuperating from a blackout. Blackouts can bring down your liquor resilience. In addition, liquor can likewise back off your recuperation.

Be Patient

You will most likely be unable to do everything that you did before your blackout—in any event not quickly. It requires investment to recuperate from a blackout. You may experience serious difficulties with your memory, or inconvenience centering. Having a blackout can even make you more enthusiastic. You may encounter expanded crabbiness or pity. Keep in mind, it’s a piece of the recuperating procedure and it will show signs of improvement.

Take Medications Responsibly

For a migraine, your specialist may suggest an over-the-counter agony reliever like ibuprofen. Be that as it may, you would prefer not to bring matters into your own particular hands. You’ll have to talk about the correct treatment with your specialist first.

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Video: “Why the NFL Should Be Scared of Chris Borland” – (Courtesy of ‘Frontline’ – YouTube)”

Video: “Chris Borland – Tackling” – Courtesy of ‘David Newman’ (Courtesy of ‘David Neumann’ – YouTube)

Video: “Pro Tip: Chris Borland” – Courtesy of “Athletes for CARE’  (Courtesy of ‘Athletes for Care’ – YouTube) 

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