‘Fantasy Filter’ 2017 AFC Top Winning Running Backs

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The 2017 AFC Top Winning Running Backs

The NFL winning seasons are coming to an end in 2017. Fantasy football, team owners now have chances to observe what really happened throughout this year’s reckless, football season.

Update: Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Los Angeles and Jacksonville all ended up with the best running-related numbers for the 2017 season. This particular piece studies the top winning NFL running backs for the people.

Surprisingly, running backs started to battle by numbers, like they all knew that DAL Ezekiel Elliott had to sit down for a long time, during the season. But, that clearly relates to the NFL-NFC Conference. This is a piece of work about the NFL-AFC Conference’s top-winning running backs.

First, focus on the best maneuvers; focus on the agiliness of all of those rushing monsters; and then, decide which one should get the ‘Fantasy Filter’ trophy for the Top AFC Running Backs.

Moreover, those professional sportscasters are perfect in their game. However, ‘Fantasy Filter’ is here to elaborate on that type of glory and perfection.

AFC North: PIT RB-Le’Veon Bell

Now, number one running in the AFC is PIT RB-Le’Veon Bell. His immaculate amounts of energy and force are bringing the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers to the top rankings for the Playoffs.

Looking early on, regardless of the Steelers RB-Drafts pick in Round 3/Pick 41 (105 overall) James Conner, the Pittsburgh’s running back suite appeared strong and adequate. Conversely, the newformer Pitt star” can not hack it in today’s NFL; leaving in a hurry, RB-Conner is currently experiencing an MCL injury (officially, James Conner lasted until December 17, 2017 (144-rushing yards maximum)), according to Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin.

On theother hand, Le’Veon Bell hits up 321-rushing attempts for approximately 1291-rushing yards, thus far in 2017. Yet, his team is going to the big playoff games this specific season. RB-Bell is the top ‘Fantasy Filter’ Winning Running Back in the 2017 NFL-AFC Regular Season.

[Pittsburgh Steelers] RB-Le’Veon Bell (Courtesy of ‘NFL.com’)

  • Attempts: 321
  • Total Rushing Yards: 1291
  • Yds/per carry: 4.0
  • Touchdowns: 9


AFC East: BUF RB-LeSean McCoy

LeSean showed up to almost every predictable football for this 2017 fantasy football season. Buffalo Bills and the team’s bench for running backs stayed put while both QB-Tyrod Taylor and RB-McCoy set the defense for a sound separation. In fact, QB-Taylor is one of the top QBs to perform rushing yards this season, along with Seattle Seahawks QB-Russell.

Moreover, RB-McCoy managed to perform well during the first game of the season against the NY Jets. RB-McCoy accumulated over 100-yards in that particular warm up game for these ‘big boys.’

Fortunately, Buffalo has beenable to utilize RB-McCoy’s rushing attack, in combination with QB-Tyrod Taylor, against the Tampa Buccaneers, LA Chargers and the New England Patriots.

[Buffalo Bills] RB-LeSean McCoy (Courtesy of ‘NFL.com’)

  • Attempts: 287
  • Total Rushing Yards: 1,138
  • Yds/per carry: 4.0
  • Touchdowns: 6


AFC West: LAC RB-Melvin Gordon

Moving right along, the West Coast deserves a big bruiser, as well. ‘Fantasy Filter’ picks the awesome, running back RB-Melvin Gordon of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Franky, this particular feat was matched by the extremely distracting RB-AustinEkeler and RB-Branden Oliver. Their efforts help set RB-Gordon for matchups against the NY Giants, New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills.

RB-Gordon scored in each one of those games and dished himself out to over 80-rushing yards. RB-Melvin Gordon is a genuine waiver wire asset to start every moment that the LAC West plays on the field.

[LAC] RB-Melvin Gordon (Courtesy of ‘NFL.com’)

  • Attempts: 284
  • Total Rushing Yards: 1,105
  • Yds/per carry: 3.9
  • Touchdowns: 8


AFC South: JAC Fournette

The Jacksonville Jaguars have their team’s goals set to a straight standard. Ideally, fantasy football fans wanted to see more rushing yards from QB-Blake Bortles.

However, those marks were shared with RB-Fournette. In relation, RB-Fournette continues to wipe off any signs of injury that he may have experienced throughout this 2017 NFL season.

In fact, every game he has performed well and made it to the end zone, during his rushing bouts against the Texans, Steelers, Rams and Browns. Along those same lines, RB-Fournette made the defense eat the same dust while he accumulated over 100-rushing yards, during those particular competitions. RB-Fournette is the final ‘Fantasy Filter’ winning running back for the 2017 NFL AFC South.

[LAC] RB- Fournette (Courtesy of ‘NFL.com’)

  • Attempts: 268
  • Total Rushing Yards: 1,040
  • Yds/per carry: 3.9
  • Touchdowns: 9



Week-10: American Football Conference

RB-LeSean McCoy: [AFC North ]Winning Running Back

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RB-Le’Veon Bell: [AFC East] Winning Running Back

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AFC South

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AFC West

Video: “Melvin Gordon’s 87-Yard Touchdown | Chargers vs Patriots Week 8 (Courtesy of ‘Julian Edelman’ – ‘YouTube’)

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