How To Best Approach Your Fantasy Draft

A season as a fantasy football owner is nothing short of a grind, especially when in a league with people who know what they are doing. The draft is only one day which marks the start of your fantasy season, but it also is crucial in determining the success of your team over the entire course of the season. It’s true that you can have the perfect draft, but still lose whether it be any number of factors such as bad luck and injuries. In this article, we’re going to run through the ways to approach your draft so that you best set yourself up to dominate your fantasy league this year.


No Need To Draft a Quarterback Too Early

Quarterbacks may be the highest paid players in football, but in fantasy they generally will remain on the board for the first three rounds. It’s compelling when you see the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady at that stage in the draft to possibly be reaching, but still ending up with an elite player. However, it is very important to have a lot of depth to your other positions before getting a QB. This may not apply so much to two-quarterback leagues as it is a risk to settle in that kind of situation. Otherwise, you can find guys like Matthew Stafford or Philip Rivers in the middle rounds of your draft. You can never know for sure how someone will perform, but there are consistent talents being left on the table deep into the draft, and pairing one of these guys with a boom-or-bust talent such as Marcus Mariota or Derek Carr and with the right balance, you may actually end up with quarterbacks actually outscoring the higher drafted guys on a week to week basis.

Draft a Running Back Early

It’s very hard to find running backs that you can absolutely be assured will have the touches necessary to really be a help to your team as you get deeper in your draft. In the first round if you have a top five pick, the only wideout you should even consider is Antonio Brown. Besides that, you’ve got David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, and Ezekiel Elliott. These four guys all pose as risks whether it be injury history or off the field issues, but they are your best chances at drafting someone who you can count on to consistently put up big numbers. It’s true, there aren’t that many elite wide receivers, but you have to at least get one running back in the first two rounds, because after that it’ll be tough to find guys that you can even count on to get steady touches. There is also just more depth at the wide receiver position, and it’ll be much easier to find diamonds in the rough like Adam Thielen last season. 

Don’t Draft Too Many Risky Players Early On

Now do not get me wrong, in the boom-or-bust world of the NFL, it’s certainly worth taking a few fliers. However, some guys may just be too dangerous, and getting multiple can be catastrophic. Last season, you could have drafted Todd Gurley or DeAndre Hopkins and ended up very happy, but more often you’ll end up with someone such as a Dez Bryant or an Ajayi. Make sure you know a players schedule and the talent surrounding him, you want to be pretty certain that they are set up to lead your fantasy team to success. If there are a bunch of red flags, maybe realize there is a reason that those are there in the first place. When it comes to your draft, make sure you are properly prepared, because nailing the early rounds and backing that up with solid depth is the way to not only nail your draft, but to come out of your league victorious.

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