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Top Pittsburgh Steelers RB Gives Demands

Le’Veon Bell‘s comments that he feels like Pittsburgh treats him as a “villain” suggests that he might not be in Pittsburgh much longer. And if he’s approaching this season with an eye toward leaving Pittsburgh a year from now, he is choosing Kirk Cousins, as a role model…

“Hopefully, Le’Veon comes to training camp. Hopefully, he’s a part of a winning team in 2018,” Colbert said. “We’ll react to every situation as it presents itself. But we’ll never sit around and talk about what-ifs.” – Steelers Head Management

Pittsburgh: the city that took in a 21-year old kid from small-town Ohio, the city I battled thru adversity in, the city that I became a man in. I love everything about being a Pittsburgh Steeler, and I want nothing more than to finish the rest of my career in Pitt! – Running back, Le’Veon Bell (according to ‘Twitter’)

Le Veon Bell at Michigan State football
Le Veon Bell at Michigan State football

Running Back Le’Veon Knows QB Kirk Cousins

Le’Veon Bell and Kirk Cousins were teammates at Michigan State, and Bell is now in the position Cousins was in a year ago: franchised for the second year in a row, and seemingly not on the same page as his team about a long-term contract extension. In Bell’s situation, it could make sense to follow in Cousins’ footsteps, sign the franchise tender this year, and hit unrestricted free agency next year.

Ideally, fellow sports journalism is sticking to its toes on how to explain this specific situation…. Like Cousins, Bell would benefit from the NFL rule that makes a third franchise tag so expensive as to be almost impossible. To be upfront, the Redskins organization did not plan to entertain putting  the franchise tag on Cousins this year, and Bell is even less likely to get the franchise tag next year.

Moreover, if Bell plays out this season in Pittsburgh on the one-year franchise salary of $14.56 million, he’ll become a true unrestricted free agent next year. The big risk, of course, is that Bell could suffer a serious injury during the 2018 season.

For example, Le’Veon Bell blows out his knee this year, the big payday he wants next year may not materialize. However, if Bell doesn’t feel wanted in Pittsburgh and doesn’t think the Steelers are willing to pay him the kind of money that he deserves on a long-term deal, the best way to find out what he’s worth on the open market is to do mimic the former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins - Michigan State QB
Kirk Cousins – Michigan State QB

Ideally, Cousins played out his rookie contract, signed the franchise tender twice, and then hit free agency.  Now, Cousins is working with the Minnesota Vikings for a playoff hopeful.

However, according to sports professionals, Le’Veon Bell wouldn’t get the kind of contract Cousins won. Contrary to belief, no running back is going to  earn a quarterback contract, in relation to payscale, in today’s NFL. 

Le’Veon Brown Wants the Same Pay as WR Antonio Brown

Le’Veon Bell Rumors: Steelers RB Wants Same Money as Antonio Brown in Contract  Pittsburgh Steelers. Humorously to readers, running back Le’Veon Bell reportedly wants to receive the same $17 million average annual salary wide receiver Antonio Brown got from the franchise when he signed a four-year, $68 million extension last February.

Additionally, Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network reported Bell has informed Pittsburgh’s front office of his contractual demands, but Kinkhabwala noted the Steelers aren’t prepared to make that type of offer. In other words, this is Bell’s point of view (see below).

“We’re not going to a number we both concur on—they are too low, or I figure they feel I’m too high,” Bell said. “I’m playing for entirely my incentive to the group. That is what I’m inquiring. I don’t figure I should make due with anything not as much as what I’m esteemed at.”

Le' Veon Bell's point of view
Le’ Veon Bell’s point of view

Bell and the Steelers now have until the point, during July, to work out a multiyear bargain. Else, he’ll be compelled to play under the one-year, $14.5 million tag in the event that he needs to take the field in 2018.

le veon bell - cover32 [dot] com
Le’ Veon Bell – cover32 [dot] com
Le’Veon Bell has been one of the league’s most valuable players, since the Steelers selected him in the second round of the 2013 draft. He’s racked up 7,996 yards from scrimmage and 42 touchdowns in 62 games en route to three Pro Bowl selections.  

Frankly, that amount of touches over his five-year career is impressive. In contrast, the NFL organization expects more than 1,229 carries and 312 catches, in order to earn a dedicated high paygrade. Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers team appears hesitant to make a commitment to a player who handled handled that type of workload, despite his continued top-tier production. 

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NFL Network Gets Involved with Le’Veon Bell’s Idea

According sources, the ‘NFL Network’ had more to, during a segment. Here is their point of view… If Bell wants Antonio Brown money, he might not remember how Brown went about his business getting the wealthiest receiver contract in the game, at the time of signing.

Brown showed up. Even when he was grossly underpaid, he showed up and worked his tail off. He didn’t allow his anger and feeling of being slighted stand in the way of respecting the Steelers, and the trust they had in him when they handed him a contract rather than Mike Wallace.

For all intents and purposes, the Steelers have stood by Bell. Through off-field issues, injuries and even contract disputes. Yet Bell didn’t show up last year. Reports are now suggesting the talented running back is preparing to repeat his holdout until at least Week 1 of the regular season, and you have to wonder if it would work out better for him if he actually showed up.

In Summary

Here is the popular solution, according to the majority of today’s sports experts. Nonetheless, Bell can state whatever requests/demands he has for a contract, but it is up to the Steelers if they want to meet those demands, or simply pay Bell the $14.5 million dollars he is owed under the franchise tag, and then let him test the free agent market in 2019.  

Due to compensation tops, in any case, the most generously compensated players don’t really relate with the most generously compensated specialists. In the NFL, players can win somewhere in the range of $375,000 to $20 million from a playing contract, which means the operator can acquire amongst $11,250 and $600,000 per player.

Commission Limits

An agent’s bonus shifts, in light of the sport he represents. For the most part, an agent’s wins in the vicinity of 4 and 10 percent of a competitor’s playing contract. Frankly, a few associations put restrains on what rate a specialist can charge in commission. For instance, the National Football League expresses that a specialist can’t get in excess of 3 percent of player pay rates, according to research.

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“Le’Veon Bell: I’ll Sign with NY Jets for $100 Million!” (Courtesy of ‘TMZ Sports’)

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