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Dallas Cowboys

Rico Gathers TE 02/05/18 Concussion Questionable for the start of training camp

I’m very skeptical that the Cowboys will spend a high draft pick on tight end because Witten will be available this year and they still want to see what they have in Rico Gathers, according to Dave Halprin at ‘Blogging the Boys.’

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints

Coby Fleener
TE 02/05/18 Concussion Questionable for the start of training camp

Fleener went to the sideline, but did not immediately undergo testing for a concussion. “There were no signs or symptoms immediately following the hit,” Payton said. Three plays later, Fleener dropped a pass. “It wasn’t until a play or two later — I want to say early the next series — where he was having more of a vision issue,” Payton said, “and as soon as Dan (Campbell), his position coach, realized it, we held him back and went ahead and had testing.

“He’s doing good. We’ll see where he’s at this week.”

First year competition committee member, Sean Payton, was perhaps one of the most vocal head coaches in his outright support for the new rule that punishes helmet to helmet hits against any player on the field. “Everyone really felt like this was a necessary step,” Payton said. “Something that, after really hearing the experts talk, that we can clearly identify and point to the officials as to how to see this, and then our ability to confirm it in New York if there is an ejection.”

Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks


Malik McDowell        DL        Sidelined        Mar 1        concussion        Out indefinitely (due to offduty/recreational injury)

The Seahawks’ season came to a close without much new information on MalikMcDowell, the team’s top draft pick in 2017. who was sidelined for the entirety of his rookie year Unfortunately, due to injuries sustained in an off-road vehicle accident, Malik McDowell joined the bench to represent his first rookie year with his team – the Seattle Seahawks

Cite: CBSSports

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lime-yellow clip art borderDoctors generally applauded the N.F.L. for its latest effort, although they also said they wanted to see how the money would be spent. “The more money that’s out there, that’s good,” said Dr. Robert Cantu, a co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine and the medical director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

“The reality is, the words are all good, but it’s
the deeds that count.”

One of our commitments is to share this information …..investigate the distinctive drills that they’re running, conceivably, and educate them of where we see the most abnormal amount of wounds on specific penetrates over the alliance.”

Some portion of the purpose behind the NFL’s worry is the sharp increment coming following two straight years of decays. Also, in the preseason, there were nearly the same number of wounds that were discovered by the player (45), as there were in games (46), according to gathered information accumulated by IQVIA, an organization contracted by the NFL. by MITM[qg]

The NFL staff investigated that regarding when in the preseason it is happening and even to the level of what kinds of drills might be associated with delivering, said Dr. Allen Ledges, NFL’s Medical Officer…. “I imagine that is an undeniable purpose of accentuation for us is to take that information and backpedal to the clubs on an individual premise.”

Ledges said the alliance was frustrated in regards to the general increment in blackouts to 281, likewise a five-year high for practices and amusements amid the preseason and standard season. That number was 243 for the 2016 season — a critical drop from 275 of every 2015. The push to decrease the aggregate number will incorporate the emphasis on the preseason wounds, discussions with the opposition board and work on defensive hardware, Ledges said.

“We take this as a test since we’re not going to be fulfilled until the point when we drive that number much lower,” Ledges said.

The association said the greater part of the blackouts maintained by quarterbacks have originated from the backs of caps hitting the turf, with the goal that will be one of the central focuses for endeavoring to enhance gear.

Ledges said the alliance was energized by an expansion in the level of assessments of blackouts that are accounted for by players. Of the 483 assessments, 26 percent were self-detailed amid the 2017 season contrasted with 19 percent the earlier year.


With the help from Copyright © 2018, Chicago Tribune for their on time dedication to sharing sports views, more knowledge has been obtained for the future In reference to sport medicine and business world related responsibilities. The health of true leaders is the ideal goal. However, certain aspects of comprehension, versus true leadership, may make or break investments in football related venues and attitudes. This particular article is filled with an eye opening reality about sports born concussions that already being found, noticed and reported from NFL players this year. Chiefly, this is happening months before the 2018 NFL Kickoff, which is months away.

The Counter-Freakout to the Football Concussion Freakout Is Under Way (Courtesy of Bob Cook (‘Forbes’)

Mainly, for football’s long haul future, it may be smarter to take after certain virtuoso motivation. For instance, CBS Sports Dennis Dodd, senior school football reporter, spent a whole summer assembling a strong arrangement on blackouts and football, and wrapped it up with a piece about ‘how the diversion needs to roll out improvements, “or die.”‘

From his section: ‘CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, senior school football reports;

At the present rate – per the maniac school football rules reactionaries of 2013 – the amusement will de-develop into touch in 20 years. You’ve heard or seen the clueless crying experts over the media scene as the diversion reclassifies itself because of the developing worry over head injury.

Constraining contact, hailing head shots, securing quarterbacks will make less men of every one of us. That is their take……

Lager does not prompt heroin. A critical, imperative development to shield players from the present style of football they play isn’t an awful thing. Indeed, the amusement is most likely going from Point A to Point Z however not without a few stops in the middle. The requirement for the diversion to be more secure trumps any primal inclination to watch another knockout blow. What we are encountering is an ease back change in accordance with a quickly quickening issue – head injury in the diversion…..

It might take 10, 20 years to alter – lawfully, therapeutically and physically – however despite everything we will perceive the diversion we adore in a few decades.

What will execute football isn’t the individuals who professedly “loathe” it, and would appear to do blackout look into for that very reason. What will slaughter the amusement is the individuals who cherish it to much, who decline to see that a development needs to occur thus, reverberating Dodd, we as a whole can appreciate the diversion without wanting to gaze through the holes made when we put our hands over our eyes.”‘

Cook, Bob. "The Counter-Freakout To the Football Concussion Freakout Is Under Way." April 2013.

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