Week-15 NFC East Wire Waiver Feature: QB-Eli Manning

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Regardless of the 34-29 loss to the Eagles, completing 37 of 57 passes for 434 yards with three touchdowns and an interception, it took two weeks for Manning to play that well. QB-Eli Manning picked up the pace enough to mark his spot, by reaching 50,000-passing yards towards the ending of November 2017. However, his team could not follow into winning hardly any games this NFL season.

Frankly, this professional football player is an idol to many fans. His remarkable methods of solitude show respect for the game. So what is going so wrong? For the New York Giants? For the coaching staff? Or has this over 10-year veteran had enough of the game? The answer could be surprising as the NFL industry moves further into, “Are the Giants Washed Up?”

Eli Manning: What Sets Him Apart?

His experience is what sets him apart from mediocre quarterbacks. Manning started his passing career str0ng with the NY Giants with 48% completions, six-touchdowns and nine-interceptions, according to ‘ESPN’. This was only during seven starts, during 2004. Immediately after, the completion percentage increased, while putting up passing numbers up into the 4,000-yards. Manning hit almost 5,000-yards, during his 2011 NFL season with the Giants.

Conversely, QB-Eli Manning’s passing-yard totals have lost their momentum, dropping from the expected 4,000-yards (seasonal average), during the 2012 – 2016 portions of his NFL career. The numbers remained low, until after mid-season; 2,400-completion yards by week-11.

In relation, the Giants experience “bad” games. Over the years, with Eli Manning as the starting quarterback, the Giants offense has suffered over 170-sacks per season. In fact, approximately 281 is the highest amount sacks for this particular Giants quarterback, which was during QB-Manning’s 2013 season with the team.

Regardless, in between the 49ers and Giants, QB numbers surprised everyone. Those teams found the semi-spark and Manning took charge, by effectively hitting his targets and setting up his offense for next year. 2017 is a surprise wire-waiver for NY Giants QB-Eli Manning, after mid-season.

Overall, both TDs and interceptions keep Manning’s rating extremely low. Frankly, there is no use in making 51,000-passing yards, during a quarterbacking career, when you are looking at 225-interceptions and 338-touchdowns. Currently, QB-Manning has completed approximately 4,387 of 7,323 passing attempts, sitting at a mere 60% completion average, since he first joined the NFL with the NY Giants in 2004.

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