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Ultimately, the fantasy football season is complete. Now, calculate the statistics for those aces, NFL-NFC running plays.

Moreover, a simple ‘give me’ requires noticing which NFC teams actually made the journey into the 2017 Playoffs venue. This year, immediately consider the Eagles, Panthers, Saints, Rams, Vikings and the Falcons.

Basically, the offensive strategy always involves the best receivers and blockers. In relation, running backs have a duty to block those mean defensive leaders and getting out in the open. This depends on the type of offensive play. Now, which running backs got out in the defensive territory enough times to score in 2017?

“Fantasy Filter’s” NFC Winning Running Backs for 2017

NFC West: Los Angeles Rams RB-Todd Gurly II (Winning Running Back)

RB-Todd Gurly II was scooped up early, during this year’s fantasy football draft. In relation, the LA Rams immediately started him, as an offensive back, along with the LAR RB-Michael Brown.

RB-Brown picked through the 2017 debuted, Indianapolis Colts defense for his seven rushing attempts for 16-rushing yards and in TD. On the other mark, RB-Gurly II rallied through in toughness – performed 19-rushing attempts for a meaningful, total gain of 40-rushing and in TD. LAR RB-Brown had to sit back down, until weeks four, seven, nine and week-14, as a result.

NFC LAR-Todd Gurly II (2017 Regular Season)

  • Rushing attempts: 229
  • Total rushing yards: 1,305 yards/13- touchdowns
    Statistics (Courtesy of ESPN)

Todd Gurley II
Todd Gurley II

Early in the LAR schedule, the IND Colts lost against the debuted LA Rams, score 46-9. RB-Todd did not miss any shows for the Los Angeles Rams, during the 2017 NFL fantasy football season – code name ‘Consistent and Agile.’


NFC South New Orleans RB-Alvin Kamara (Winning Running Back)

Alvin Kamara is the “Fantasy Filter” winning running back for the NFC South, in lieu of the infamous Mark Ingram. Why? But, the advice enthusiasts can notice the dynamics.

Frankly, the New Orleans Saints have grand amounts of offensive firepower. The NO QB is an All-star quarterback; WR-Michael Thomas reminds fantasy football fans about how tough he is all of the time; and all of the NO running back bench is worthy.

The answer for the running back fantasy football numbers are yards and touchdowns. The other answer: a fine All-star running back who can effectively and efficiently catch the ball and score. Make your fantasy football running back the greatest target for the offense.

NFC NO-Alvin Kamara (2017 Regular Season)

  • Total rushing yards: 728 yards/eight-touchdowns
    Statistics (Courtesy of ESPN)

NO RB-Alvin Kamara blocking the opening QB pocket is an even better idea. Finally, setting up a high-scoring RB-Mark Ingram is perfect. Alvin Kamara us the 2017 top “Fantasy Filter” winning running back, during regular season (NFC South).


NFC North RB-Jordan Howard (Winning Running Back)

The Chicago Bears didn’t make the playoff hunt and the team quarterback tried. However, RB-Jordan Howard made the list for the 2017 [NFC North] “Fantasy Filter” Top Running Back.

Simply, his skill set s not ordinary. In fact, RB-Howard pushed through teammate RB-Tank Cohen’s numbers and made a goal out of competing regardless of the Bears experiencing defeat.

NFC RB-Jordan Howard (2017 Regular Season)

  • Carries: 276
  • Total rushing yards: 1,122/4.1 avg. yds. per carry/nine-touchdowns
    Statistics (Courtesy of ESPN)</)

NFC East CAR-RB McCaffrey (Winning Running Back)

NFC East Carolina Panthers, RB-McCaffrey is the best receiving, running back in the NFC East. And “Fantasy Filter” wants RB-McCaffrey as the 2017 NFC East Top Winning Running Back.

The majority of his numbers are mixed with receptions and rushing-yards. His particular performance is another example of a loud perspective to score in the offensive front.

Star blocking and effectively faking the opposing defense continues to assist QB-Newton with his game. Now, 2017 represents both QB and RB efforts, and n relation to fantasy football.

NFC CAR-RB McCaffrey (2017 Regular Season)

  • Carries: 117
  • Total rushing yards: 435-yards/3.7 yds. per carry/two – touchdowns
    Statistics (Courtesy of ESPN)</)

CAR RB- Christian McCaffrey
CAR RB-Christian McCaffrey

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