AFC Running Backs: Take a Look at Surprise Players

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People study hard to remember which NFL players to pick for the long-haul seasons of NFL football. Like everyone else, fantasy football members show up to draft on time to gain big-league NFL players. Then, the show begins with one quickly recognizing professional NFL player’s names on the drafting-board… One-after-the-other, and one-after-the-other. Then, “Go!”

In the Beginnings: Aim for the Big Climax (the Mid-Season)

Early Fall 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars finished their debut games with certain big-time players already hitting the 100-yard mark. Surprisingly, those particular players are today’s running-backs. To boot, wide-receivers took the lead in receiving yards, accumulating approximately 141-receiving-yards each, during their individual debuted games of the 2017 NFL season.

Do These Names Turn the Tide?

Think of the hype for the year, Ideally, these are the third tier running-backs for the 2017 –
2018 NFL Football Season:

Todd Gurley II

Todd Gurley II
Todd Gurley II

– #09Todd Gurley LAR
– #10 Ezekiel Elliott DAL
– #11 Leonard Fournette JAC
– #12 Isaiah Crowell CLE
– #13 Kareem Hunt KC
– #14 Carlos Hyde SF
– #15 Lamar Miller HOU
– #16 Marshawn Lynch OAK
– #132 Austin Ekeler LAC

Now, was there a pattern? None of those professional running-backs are today’s top-scoring offensive players, with the exception of the Los Angles Rams RB-Gurley II and the Los Angeles Chargers RB-Ekeler. First off, Ezekiel Elliot has missed so many complete games, due to his attitude and the judgments from the NFL organization. Second, what are the excuses for those other four-star-runners, today?

Why am I stuck on this Losing Football Team?

The Crowell, Kizer Story for the Cleveland Browns

DeShone Kizer CLE: The Top-24, Fifth Tier QB, Under
Blake Bortles JAC and Brian Hoyer NE

Surprisingly, outranking other Browns QBs Osweller and Hogan, Cleveland Browns QB-Kizer has been a starter for the team since September 10, 2017.

His journey has been a great one. However, today, the Browns need a great quarterback. Chiefly, Kizer is a promising talent with stats that are dwelling next to Jacksonville’s quarterback, in addition to a couple of other popular named sports celebrities. Frankly, when you say the Jacksonville Jaguars, sports enthusiasts consider QB-Blake Bortles.

In comparison, when you say the Cleveland Browns, sports fans begin to feel anxious about ‘how to understand quarterbacking, especially this year.’ Ultimately, trade your ‘decisions’ for now. Then, make the best deal to make enough sure points to actually make it to the fantasy football league playoffs. Good luck!

Isaiah Crowell CLE: Top-12, Third Tier RB, under number 11th Ranked Leonard Fournette JAC

Isaiah Crowell was not one of the best picks, when he sat on the benches to be drafted years ago. Conversely, this particular running-back was listed one tier behind the top-ten backs, during the beginning of the 2017 NFL Football Season.

Within this particular feature, sports journalists and sports fans have not forgotten about [his] promises, in addition to RB-Crowell‘s excuses for not winning the games for QB-Isaiah Kizer. The coaching staff is in on this type of mystery, too, according to sources. Our New Sports Journalists Quintininvestigates.


Humor Yourself: Take Another Week Isaiah

QB statistics are normally consistent. Which means, Browns QB-Kizer is a reliable source for points, until fantasy football members can allocate that perfect trade: QB Kizer for a trick-week running-back, wire-waiver WR, or a kicker. Contrary to the risky interception, those Browns WRs must wake up to end this 2017-2018 NFL season correctly.


Browns RB-Crowell is a pass blocker, too. In fact, running-backs are designed to block defensive intruders. QB Crowell is taking much too much time in the offensive pocket, according to sources “[being updated]”. “being updated__” Now that this is understood, pray for RB-Crowell to put more performing efforts into blocking for their Browns QB. Seriously, which is more important, individual gains in yardage and points, or playing the position until the main leader of the football team finally warms up to the finish? by MITM[qg]

Video: “FSU Running Backs Do Blocking Drill” (Courtesy of Bob Ferrante -‘YouTube’)

Who Are the Actual Tiered RBs to Hire, Today?

Samaje Perine WAS is the "one-man-band" for this Washington Redskins, and Perine started
in the 44th-ranking position at the beginning of the 2017 NFL Football Season. Austin Ekeler
LAC is currently upsetting fantasy football owners who cannot find a perfect trade to give. This
running-back may have capabilities to make the 'Pro-Bowl.'

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Top-16, Third Tier Who Was Originally the #10RB – Ezekiel Elliott DAL


Top-16, Third Tier Who Was Originally the #11 – Dak Prescott DAL

Video: “Dealing With Injuries & A Losing Streak | Fantasy My Way” – ‘Brawlers’

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