End of Week-14: No Show Players, Due to Injuries

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This week’s closing roster is filled with more running-backs getting hurt. Big names like Adrian Peterson and Mike Tolbert are now a part of the list for falling, All-Star rushers 2017. Furthermore, QBs are piling up, as the snow and frosting winds regulate the game of football (under most circumstances). Take a gander at the names that follow…

Immediate Release: ‘Fantasy Football,’ IR Players from Week-14

No Show: Quarterbacks

  • Tyrod Taylor/QB/Questionable/knee/Day to day
  • Nathan Peterman/QB/Sidelined/concussion/Week to week
  • Tom Savage/QB/Sidelined/concussion/Week to week
  • Josh McGuire/QB/I.L./hand/Out for season
  • Elijah McGuire/RB/Questionable/ankle/Day to day

No Show: Running Backs

  • Adrian Peterson/RB/Sidelined/ankle/Week to week
  • Tevin Coleman/RB/Sidelined/concussion/Unknown to reporters
  • Mike Tolbert/RB/Questionable/hamstring/Day to day
  • Alfred Blue/RB/Sidelined/concussion/Week to week
  • Andre Williams/RB/I.L./wrist/Out for season
  • Robert Woods/WR/Sidelined/shoulder/Returning
  • Mike Gillislee/RB/Questionable/ilness/Returning
  • Alvin Kamara/RB/Questionable/concussion/Returning
  • Elijah McGuire/RB/Questionable/ankle/Day to day

No Show: Tight-Ends

  • C.J. Fiedorowicsz/TE/I.L./concussion/Out for season

No Show: Wide Receivers

  • John Brown/WR/Sidelined/toe/Week to week
  • Kelvin Benjamin/WR/Sidelined/knee/Unknown to reporters
  • Jordan Matthews/WR/I.L./knee/Out for season
  • John Ross/WR/I.L./shoulder/Out for season
  • Bruse Elington/WR/I.L./hamstring/Out for season
  • Donte Moncrief/WR/Sidelined/ankle/Week to week
  • Amari Cooper/WR/Sidelined/ankle/Unknown to reporters

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