QB-Andy Dalton and the Bengals: Calling the Shots

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Towards season’s end, all feelings hit the field and the benches at the same time. Cincinnati Bengals lead offensive tackles are finally out of new parts and must be grounded for the remainder of the Bengals 2017 season. Frankly, the Cincinnati Bengals 2017 season was not a big winner, and the Bengals play the Detroit Lions in front of the Cincinnati home crowd, during the final weeks of the regular NFL season.

Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals Solution: Remove the Hurting Offense

Two offensive linebackers  – Ogbuehi and Smith – were both injured, during the action. The weather was cold, and the temperatures were to blame. Both men were placed on the injured list for the remainder of the Bengals regular season.Next year will be the fourth and final year of Ogbuehi‘s rookie contract, and Smith is set to retire the injury bench until the end of this specific season, according to the ‘Enquirer.com.’  Chiefly, Ogbuehi has been injured multiple times, during the 2017 NFL regular season. Including his shoulder injury, Cedric Ogbuehi is not at the proper capacity to protect Cincinnati Bengals “Pro Bowl level” quarterback Andy Dalton.

Andy Dalton Retires Early this Year, Too

cincinatti com_Andy Dalton
cincinatti com_Andy Dalton

Cincinnati Bengals QB-Andy Dalton is a great football player. His skills continue to bring this team to new heights and ventures throughout his career with Cincinnati. Unfortunately, between him getting injured or blamed for not targeting wide receivers, Dalton should begin looking for a better team, right?

WR-A.J. Green and TE-Tyler Eifert are primary targets when the field appears rough and crowded to QB-Dalton. However, NFL enthusiasts are marking that the coaching staff is not satisfied with QB-Dalton’s efforts of managing how to get the football to those particular receivers. “The Andy Dalton era is probably nearing its end…,” according to ‘CBSSports.’

Moreover, consider the running game and throw the football away into the reach of competitive defensive players is more important than hitting those receivers. In relation, the Cincinnati Bengals running-game is at stake. The RB-Joe Mixon [Sidelined with a concussion]: RB-Giovani Bernard exchange is the last hope in this year’s Bengals offense. But, the offensive tackles are coming up missing. Now, the CinCin is down to a skeleton crew of only six “healthy” players on the offensive line.

QB-Andy Dalton’s Record

2017 Season

  • 2,860-yards
  • 21-TDs
  • 60% completion rate
  • NFL Career: 61-46-2

Cincinnati Bengals Big Plays and Big Choices

A.J. Green, Week-13

A.J. Green
A.J. Green

WR-Green became the primary wide receiver, after this year’s worst AFC team lost wide-receivers on November 8th and December 6th, due to illness and a shoulder injury. Both injured Bengals receivers on not due to return until next season.

A.J. Green managed to be effective on only seven of seventeen targets, during their away game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers that resulted in a loss (20 -23). However, Green did score twice, while earning 77-receiving yards. Week-13, A.J. Green is listed among the ‘ESPN’ Top Scoring Leaders under WR-Tyreek Hill (KC) and WR-Nelson Algholor (PHI).

RB-Giovani Bernard, Week-14

RB - G. Bernard_bengals.com
RB – G. Bernard

RB-Giovani Bernard made a great showing, while effectively filling in for the now injured Joe Mixon who had to sit out, because of a December 16th concussion. RB-Bernard ran the ball for 62-rushing yards over 11-attempts, during the Sunday’s bout against the Chicago Bears (7-33). As a pass receiver, RB-Bernard caught six of eight targets for a total of 68-receiving yards for the books.

Bengals Defensive Highlight

FYI: Defensive player, LB-Vincent Rey, made the choice top-five defensive leaders on ‘ESPN, ‘ under CLE, IND, and PHI linebackers. However, Cincinnati lost that game against the Minnesota Vikings, too – score 34 – 7 in Minnesota. Rey calculated seven solo tackles and an additional four assists.

LB-Vincent Rey
LB-Vincent Rey (Copyright: bengals.com)

Video: “Bengals’ Bernard proving to be elusive at camp” (Courtesy of ‘WKEFandWRGT’)

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