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All-Pro RB-Hopeful D ‘Onta Foreman experienced his final touchdown run against the Arizona Cardinals home team, during week-12. The 34-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter ended with RB-Foreman landing on the turf, holding his heals in pain. The Achilles tendon (see Fig. 1) had been ruptured, ending his complete hopes to successfully finish 2017. As, a result, Texans Coach O’Brien sentenced the new third-round draft pick to the IR list for the Houston Texans.

D’Onta was about to get into the real groove of playing with Texans QB-Tom Savage. According to the Aaron Wilson – ‘Houston Chronicle’ journalist – Coach Bill O’Brien mentioned that his D’Onta actually beginning to play better, during that Sunday’s game. Also, O’Brien continued to compliment on Foreman’s toughness while dealing with the defense, both on the line and in the backfield.

Currently, RB-Foreman’s 2017-career-year-goal has been cut short, but, Coach O’Brien reports Foreman as a tough player and declares that he will return (hopefully at the beginning of next year’s NFL football season). D’Onta Foreman ended his last career game against the Arizona Cardinals, with 65-rushing yards on 10-carries.

“RB-Foreman Scored the First Two-Touchdowns of His NFL Career, During his 10th Game of the 2017-Season”

Texans coach Bill O’Brien said, “D’Onta was really starting to play well, obviously in that game,”

“He’s a big guy, very tough, physical runner, good out of the backfield in the passing game. He was really starting to understand our offense. “It’s one of those things. It’s tough. It’s tough for him. He’s a young player. He’ll be back.” – Reports Aaron Wilson, ‘Houston Chronicle’

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Career Biography: RB-D’Onta Foreman

Originally, the Houston Texans picked Foreman in the third-round, as the 89th player overall, during the 2017 NFL Draft earlier this year. This moment made him the (AP Format) 7th running back to make the NFL Draft, during the selection process of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Foreman’s Career Stats (According to ‘Wikipedia’)

Foreman managed to stay motivated, even after experiencing other valuable Texans players go down, during the 2017 season. In sum, he completed 78-rushing attempts for 327-yards, averaging approximately 4.19-yards/per carry. Additionally, he was a successful target, receiver by catching six-receptions for 83-receiving yards. Foreman scored on two-touchdowns, altogether, during the 2017 NFL season.

Houston Texans RB-D’Onta Foreman

RB-Foreman: Quicky, Football Stats

D’Onta performed as an impressive rusher, during his high school years in Texas. Overall, he accumulated 4,382 rushing-yards (8.2 YPC) with the engrossing 61-touchdowns, which included the 2,102 yards and 31-touchdowns, as a senior in high school.

University of Texas RB-D’Onta Foreman

Moreover, soon after graduating high school Foreman took off to the university-level to play football. He played in 10-games missing two, due to injury, as a sophomore (UT-2016). Similar to his coach’s previous response, ‘he played tough,’ rushed for 681-yards with 95-touches, equaling five touchdowns.


2016 University of Texas (Running Back Position)

Attempts: 323                         Total: 2028-rushing yards
Average yards/carry:
6.3        TDs: 15
7                          Receiving yards: 75

September 10, 2017 marks D’Onta’s NFL debut, when he originally had one touch for only a four-yard-gain. The Houston Texans lost that particular game, playing away against the memorable Jacksonville Jaguars (final score 29-7).

FYI: Integrity, performance, teamwork, sportsmanship, drive, community and tenacity may ring D’Onta Foreman ears, because, those words represent the slogan for one of his recent awards that relate to his performance levels in football (hopefully, on and off the field).

Houston Texans RB-D'Onta Foreman
Houston Texans RB-D’Onta Foreman
Award: “The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award,” which is given to the top offensive player in Division I football, according to “Wikipedia.”

Year 2017 – Foreman and the Community


D’Onta Foreman has been exposed to life’s challenges earlier. In fact, the University of Texas police force met him and began to involve themselves in his personal life, after a sincere bust that related to drug use and his own choices in companionship. This occurred in the college’s parking area, and ended with him being detained for questionable charges that related to a firearm and a certain class narcotic. Investigate this particular story, as it happened on On July 16, 2017, according to media-sources.

To a Close: Houston Texans Offensive Line

Moving right along, the Houston Texans have signed Troymaine Pope and activated Hamilton from the practice bench to cover the demand for running-backs. Coach O’Brien continues to encourage backup QB Tom Savage on his game, after the Houston Texans lost their draft-pick QB Deshaun Watson on November 2, 2017 (because of another type of leg injury). The Texans offense has lost five offensive professional players this year. Also, those players are sitting in the IR position for the rest of this year’s entire season.

Video: “D’Onta Foreman – Tyler Rose Award winner [Jan. 12, 2017]” (Courtesy of “Texas Longhorns”)

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