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Top 10 NFL wide-receiver considers staying with the AFC East Miami Dolphins, after fantasy football fans placed him on the unrestricted list of free agents. WR-Jarvis Landry played for the Miami Dolphins, during his fourth season in the NFL. His jersey number is #14.

Other awesome receivers – Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, and Larry Fitzgerald – are placed directly above his status, for fantasy football season2017. Granted he is not a rusher or a passer, but, his numbers keep his hold on 8th place, under the infamous “ESPN” list for wide receivers.

In relation, WR-Landry made out to be one of the best target, among the those particular top-10. Pulling in 103-receptions out of 150-target attempts is a description of an outstanding professional football receiver.

Additionally, WR-Landry single-handedly marked eight touchdowns with an accumulated 895-yards for the 2017 NFL season. His average is now approximately 9-yards per reception and he is only 25 years old.

WR-Jarvis Landry Injuries

November 22, 2015 WR-Landry suffers strain in his left knee, during the latter part of the regular season (Sports Injury Predictor). Fortunately, he did not miss any games. Before then, in the fall of 2013, Landry experienced episodes of a bothered foot.

Now, that medical problem caused him to miss a couple of NFL games. The problem was symptoms of an injury that Jarvis Landry already had while he was playing college ball (he originally fractured his foot, during the summer of 2011). Overall, Landry has out been ‘out for the season,’ as an NFL professional player:

WR-Jarvis Landry’s Health Factor, According to “Fox Sports”:

Jarvis Landry NFL Injury Report
Jarvis Landry NFL Injury Report by MITM[qg]Biography: Wide Receiver Jarvis

Landry (His School Years)

Originating from Louisiana, Jarvis grew to be 5’ 11” and 208 lbs. He went to college to play football on the LSU Tigers football team. Frankly, Jarvis was drafted in 2014 in Round: 2 / Pick: 63, by the Miami Dolphins. First, Miami placed him as the return punter, then, he quickly augmented the offense as a terrific, wide receiver, WR-Jarvis Landry began bringing in superior catches. His catching average was almost 100-catches, during his first couple of years as an NFL pro.

Yes, WR Landry was in as a Pro-Bowler in both 2015 and 2016. This year shouldn’t be an exception. In relation, his college years at LSU marked his position as a candidate to win votes, in able to stay a part of a winning team.

LSU won their football SEC Championship in 2011. That particular freshman year, Landry played in 14-games and started once. Ultimately, he completed his freshman year with approximately 40-yards, according to sports record archives.

Unfortunately, Jarvis was not an on-time graduate from LSU. His studies went well, however, the numbers in his game more than doubled, during his sophomore year – played 13-games/56-receptions/573-yards/five-touchdowns. The significance lies in his junior year, when all of his number even doubled.

Video: “JARVIS LANDRY – Before They Were Famous” (Courtesy of ‘Michael McCrudden’ – ‘YouTube’)

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