LeSean “Shady” McCoy

Lesean McCoy

Buffalo’s RB Lesean McCoy shows up to exhibit, coach-making characteristics, during the 2018 NFL off-season.

Lesean McCoy sets out this particular rainy day to please kids. First off, McCoy busted out with team-ready NFL colleagues, in order to properly teach these kids how to listen and learn football, as a sort of recreational opportunity that could link them into the NFL theater – where pros live.

Next, professional quarterbacks, along with the “Hard Count Athletics” organization, teamed up to create a unique practical training-session at the Lesean “Shady” McCoy Skills Camp at Escondido High School. Read more to relish into further details….“We broke it down from different positions,” McCoy said. “We had the running backs doing running back drills…..”

Food for thought:

Lesean McCoy has [already] participated in a variety of documentary interviews to express his own values, alongside his admirations for LeRoy McCoy (his NFL player, brother) and legendary NFL running back Ricky Watters.

According to “Youth1,” Lesean describes this kiddie venture: ‘We had quarterbacks showing off their foot work and hitting their targets with ball placement. Then you go to other positions and have tackling drills.’

‘We show them the fundamentals…. Every station was geared for learning and for playing.’

‘McCoy wanted to deliver more smiling faces to the football. He did just that coaching the next generation of football talent at the Lesean “Shady” McCoy Skills Camp at Escondido High School.’ – “Lesean McCoy and Hard Count Athletics team up for an incredible camp”- Youth1″

“I was lucky enough to learn from my older brother,” McCoy said.

“This skills camp is special because we bring in top of the line NFL talent. They don’t come much better than guys like Lesean McCoy,” John Bankhead of Director of Operations at Hard Count Athletics said. “At the same time we are teaching these kids technical football fundamentals. We are giving them the tools that if they continue to play this game and continue to come to our camps. So they’re not only going to get an opportunity to meet an NFL superstar, but they’re developing a skill set that’s going to prepare them for the next level.”

The event was led by Hard Count Athletics and featured the best coaches, including former NFL wide receiver Legadu Naanee. Along with the leadership of Naanee, who played for the then San Diego Chargers and McCoy, who surpassed 10,000 in career rushing yards, the kids also came away with skills that can give them the edge against future opponents thanks to McCoy and the experienced Hard Count staff.

Those ‘gear-driven’ characteristics involved in coaching are contagious to professional football players and spectators. RB-McCoy managed that particular gift around the youth on location. Surprisingly, teaching positive traits was one of McCoy’s primary skills he taught, during a grand prized-venue.

RB Lesean McCoy Takes Responsibility for His own Behavior:

Enlisting respect towards himself and those fortunate people….

McCoy Carries his Heroin Spirit – He Took Notes from RB-Ricky Watters and LeRon McCoy

McCoy was also inspired by one of the best running backs in the 1990s. “There was someone special from my neighborhood, Ricky Watters. He should be in the Hall of Fame. I followed in his footsteps, learned from him and watched his highlights. It was a blessing.” Youth1

Question: But, which methods did Lesean McCoy throughout this sorted journey that requires meeting the children?

“I’ll tell you what, we traded Tyrod Taylor,” McCoy said. “He’s a heck of a player. The quarterback position is open right now. We are holding tryouts.”

Conclusively, this event started with exercises followed by basic drill that involved running routes, receiving routes, footwork from the quarterbacks, cone drills, footwork from the running backs, speed drills that involved running parachutes and a station strictly for 7-on-7 in which the defense had an unfair advantage with McCoy calling plays for the offense.



NFL-AFC All-Star East: Top RB Lesean McCoy’s Stats

Melvin Gordon – Bullying and Winning

What is an NFL Alpha Male?

2017 season, Gordon finished with 1,105 rushing yards, eight rushing touchdowns, 58 receptions, 476 receiving yards, and four receiving touchdowns.

[Video Analysis – see below]

Focal Points-Bullying

Melvin Gordon’s Top Advice: Bullying for Grade Schoolers

  1. Speak up!
  2. Don’t just be a bystander, report Bullying – ask for help.
  3. Consider sports, as an outlet in leadership.
  4. Save someone’s life.
  5. Avoid teachers, take it another direction….

Copyright: rfkom / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: rfkom / 123RF Stock Photo


Fantasy Filter: The 2018 Layout – Content Expectations

The layout: NFL/NFC/NFC division leaders/AFC/AFC division leaders/poorly injured/hopefuls scheduled to [successfully] progress throughout their rehabilitation to start, during the 2018 – 2019 NFL season; QB, WR, TE, K, RB, DEF].

NFL: Fighters

Don’t Bet Your Wallet

There are different kinds of fighters and professional fighters utilize specific theaters and arenas for those types of competitions. Surprisingly, NFL showcased a few good fights, during last year’s 2016 – 2017 NFL season.

Frankly, losing teams cannot afford for those particular kinds of “fighting” arenas, because of various reasons that are detrimental to success (e.g., player injuries, negative amounts of karma, the threat of unsportsmanlike responses from the press, fans and other organizations); Furthermore, attendance and fan support  — as well as corresponding revenue — declines.

‘Fantasy Football’ members are already on top of finding an avenue of relief and understanding – using football memes. Frankly, meme technology represents a sort of recreational behavior; rehabilitation therapy.

Surprisingly, memes are stimulating visual methods of communicating. Memes affect people who adore the realm of football – fun and fearful NFL ornaments that are packed with high amounts of color and emotion.
Introverted NFL character[istic]: have an image to use?

FYI: Quintin Gomez is a freelance, entrepreneur who has experience in researching obstacles and lifestyles (i.e., cultures of manifestation). He has obtained and attained skills in [visual] communications during his tours as a [global] logistical officer. 

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