Week 13: Race to the 2017 NFL Playoffs

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‘Fantasy Filter’ Big, Playoff  Players in the NFL: 2017 Football Season

From the Beginning, to the Climax, and to the End of Season 2017
Big Choices: Remove and Replace [Questionable] Sidelined Players


BAL: WR-Jeremy MaclinQ: WR-Mike Wallace

Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens

[Questionable] MacLin Statistics for Last Week-13

Week 13 Statistics

for Mike Wallace

Wide Receiver – BAL vs.DET: 116-yards


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Baltimore Ravens: WR-Jeremy MaclinQ: WR-Mike Wallace

Who is Today’s Jeremy Maclin?

People may not be familiar with WR-Jeremy Maclin. His years with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs went by game-by-game with him as t approximately 5.5-times per game, as a burning target. Astonishingly enough, Maclin managed to played over 10-games per season, until his career venture with the Baltimore Ravens. WR-Jeremy Maclin’s stats sit at grabbing just over three catches per

game, while his past QBs on the Eagles and Chiefs used Maclin. Those particular numbers were enough for WR-Maclin to rake up 6,395-yards (13.5 yards-per-catch/83-yard long reception (max.)/ 46-TDs/292-1st down/5-fumbles/4-fumbles lost) (‘Wikipedia’).

BUF: RB-Mike TolbertQ/RB-Travaris Cadet [Sidelined]: RB-LeSean McCoy

Who is LeSean McCoy, Today?

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy is hard at his professional NFL career statistics, since his start in 2009. His running-game is both efficient and effective – breaking 1,000-yards, during the 2010 NFL season.

Moreover, the following season, McCoy hit the All-Pro level of the NFL game, according to ‘Wikipedia.’ Thereafter, his pay-scale increased. Now, TE-LeSean McCoy can cut through the drama of fantasy football confusion. His stats show he has proven his point as an effective player on the offensive field.

[Questionable] Mike Tolbert and [Sidelined] Tavaris Cadet are Removeable and Replaceable by RB-McCoy

NFL Playoff No Show: Buffalo Bills TE-Charles Clay

No Show: Buffalo Bills TE-Charles Clay

TE_Charles Clay
TE_Charles Clay

NO SHOW : TE-Charles Clay [Sidelined]

Nick O’Leary and Logan Thomas

Which one would you choose to compete with the NFL competition that is fighting for a ‘Wild Card’ spot, during the end of the 2017 NFL season?
Fortunately, the Buffalo Bills have two fantastic TE selections, O’Leary and Thomas.

Playoff, TE-Picks: Go by the Amount of Touchdowns?

The Buffalo Bills team managed their tight-ends well, this particular season. TE-Clay is the main target of preference, with only two-TDs; however, tight-ends Thomas and O’Leary have a combined average of 22-yards per game over 12-games of actually being able to participate from the bench. Additionally, both O’Leary and Thomas have acquired one-touchdown each for the 2017 season.

O’Leary has been trusted to accumulate the most bench-yardage for the Buffalo Bills TE-‘bench warmers.’

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CAR: TE-Greg OlsenQ: Ed DicksonTE

Who is Ed Dickson, Today?

Ed Dickson is the 6’4″ tight-end from a university in Oregon. He is currently in his 8th NFL season, with experience as a professional football player – Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers. TE-Dickson’s 2017 statistics are 16-receptions/total-receiving yards/ average; longest reception completion is 17-yards (no-TDs). Frankly, TE-Dickson completed two outstanding performances against the Detroit Lions (175-receiving yards) and the Miami Hurricanes (one-TD), during the 2017 race to the Playoffs.

Tight-End Position and Carolina Panther Coaching

Yes, NFL Playoff moments are not the same without TE-Olsen. However, the Carolina Panthers have a backup plan. Perfect the tight-end position. The Panthers TE-Ed Dickson may be next to represent the Panthers powerful offensive design.
Moreover, aside from the design, benched TE-Dickson is capable of effective blocking and opening up the defense enough to be noticed by the Carolina quarterback.

In sum, that is what is imperative to prove playoff fans wrong about how to bring a defense to its knees. Frankly, Olsen has accumulated less than 100-receiving yards this 2017 season according to ‘TheHuddle.com.’ Anyway, there is no need to question the quarterback or the coaching authorities. TE-Dickson is ready to bring in his skill-sets to upset the defense, during the race to the Playoffs.

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Who is today’s Jeremy Maclin?” Cite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Maclin

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