Week-15 AFC Injuries and Waiver News

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The Baltimore Ravens WR-Jeremy Maclin sits on the sideline, after his bout with the Cleveland Browns defense. Maclin took a massive hit to the midsection, in order to meet his first game-catch for a 22-yards, according to the ‘Baltimore Ravens’ website.

Unfortunately, WR-Jeremy Maclin experienced severe knee pains and the Baltimore Ravens’ medical staff sat Maclin for the remainder of the game. The actual hit came from CLE-Safety Jabrill Peppers (see video), which occurred at the end of the third snap of the game. Frankly, WR-Jeremy Maclin has had more than one injury, during this 2017 NFL season (hand injury/shoulder injury/back problems).

Breshad Perriman and Chris Moores will see more opportunities, as a result of WR-Jeremy Maclin‘s name turning up on the injured list for the Baltimore Ravens. FYI: Maclin has 40-receptions for 440-yards and three touchdowns this season 2017.

AFC South Waiver News

The Indianapolis Colts report losing center-Ryan Kelly and linebacker Jon Bostic to the “season-ending” injured reserve. Currently, the Colts defense is ranked in 18th place. The team’s 3-8 record could get worse, because, the Indianapolis Colts QB-might not be strong enough to make a race out of effectively reaching open targets. On offense, the Colts have experienced season-ending injuries, too.

Moreover, 18th-ranked Colts defense accumulated 912-tackles and 53-sacks, during the 2017 season. Which makes the Indianapolis Colts defense the number one NFL defensive team, leading in sacks. LB-Jon Bostic (#57) picked up five tackles and five assists.

Bostic first season has ended with 97 tackles and one sack, according to the ‘IndyStar.’ In the meantime, Colts management picked up a guard and defensive tackle off waivers the Seattle NFL team (Seattle Seahawks).

AFC East Waiver News

The New England Patriots offensive front has been compromised, due to losing RB-Chris Burkhead (knee) and WR-Chris Hogan (shoulder) on December 17, 2017. However, Sunday’s sideline may not be permanent.

Commonly, athletes are benched to protect the investment – the player health and reputation. In relation, RB-Burkhead may be suffering from certain levels of pain and swelling, since the actual incident. Also, there could be the loss in full range of motion in the knee. Frankly, this type of injury occurs when an athlete experiences direct contact or a collision from an infamous tackler.

However, sports reporters are confirming that RB-Burkhead this is a sort of sprain and not the torn ACL. his return depends on the medical staff, during his light duties before the New England Patriots start in the NFL Playoffs. Currently, the Patriots are protecting their 2017 (11-3) record.

Conversely, RB-Chris Hogan is out for the season. He already suffered his shoulder injury, during week eight against the Los Angeles Chargers. Then, the coaches put him in against last Sunday’s Miami Dolphins defense (ranking 16th in NFL defense).

Hogan will not return after his bout to bring in only one-catch for one yard, according to ‘Patpulpit.com.’ Expect a big show from Kenny Britt and Phillip Dorsett, as primary targets.

AFC West Waiver News

Arizona Cardinals lose the star center Mitch Morse on December 15, but, that does not stop the Chiefs offense, according to ‘Arrowheadpride.com.’ The Chiefs offense managed to hold the Chargers enough to earn another win.

Now, fans are expecting to hold off on scoring issues, and focus on competing NFL teams to do the work for them. The Dolphins, Jets, and Chargers have future games that can place the Kansas City Chiefs in a position to grab the AFC West title (making this event a first-time-ever, back-to-back win for the AFC West title).

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