Will the Houston Texans Draft a New WR and QB?

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Will the Texans address the wide receiver challenge in the draft? 

Fortunately, the Houston Texans are awake way ahead of time, in order to rebut reporters. There are rookie options available, too. Now, the Texans represent a prize-ready team.

Simmie Cobbs and Deon Cain are two powerful wide receivers placed on the NFL draft. Those two profiles are showcased, as potential leads.

What other worries and concerns for the Houston Texans need to be addressed, before the 2018 NFL Preseason launches? For one, three HOU players were in the state of attained concussions, which were noted by November and December last.

Frankly, DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Will Fuller V is a nice complimentary wide receiver who can take advantage of one-on-one match-ups. Outside of that there is little to get excited about. Due to their overall lack of depth to threaten the defensive secondary coverage, will the Texans draft a wide receiver?

After Hopkins and Fuller, the talent at wide receiver drops off drastically. Bruce Ellington was brought back after he became a free agent. While Ellington can contribute on the offensive side of the ball, he is best used on special teams. Sammie Coates was released by the Browns and subsequently claimed by Houston. Coates caught six passes for 70 yards in 12 games with Cleveland.

Like Ellington, Coates is best utilized on special teams. Braxton Miller is a gifted athlete who transitioned to wide receiver after playing quarterback at Ohio State. In fact, Miller changed positions, during his final year as a Buckeye. While Miiller continues to grow, he is still more of a project that needs time to develop. 

Who could the Texans take in the draft? This is a difficult question to answer, according to a vast number of experts. Frankly, Houston does not hold a draft pick until the third round. In other words, there is the option of sitting and waiting until round three to make a move. 

Houston holds three picks in round three and could trade up if desired. There a few options for the Texans. A couple of high-performing draft selection are listed below.

  • Deon Cain: Clemson Deon Cain has good size and speed for a wide receiver. The only issue is that Cain has trouble gaining separation in his routes. This could pose a problem since separation is much harder to come by in the NFL than college. As a second or third receiver with Hopkins and Fuller, Cain could benefit from inferior defenders covering him.

    Deon Cain, Clemson Tigers football
    Deon Cain, Clemson Tigers football

  • Simmie Cobbs: Indiana Simmie Cobbs is a large physical receiver who shined at Indiana. The issue with Cobbs is that he lacks speed. Cobbs tends to be more of a slower receiver than desired. As a result, balls tend to get defended when thrown to Cobbs much easier than other receivers. That being said, Cobbs could be a nice ‘redzone’ target for Deshaun Watson, if Hopkins is double covered.

    Simmie Cobbs, Hoosiers football
    Simmie Cobbs, Hoosiers football

When could these receivers be options for Houston? Cain could be available at the end of round two or beginning of round three. Houston may have to trade up to select Cain if they want him to be a part of their team. 

If Houston decides to address other positions before wide receiver, Cobbs would be a great selection later in the draft, as most would agree. Overall, both receivers are talented and could fit well in the Texans offense to provide more depth at the position. Acquiring more pass catchers will be crucial for the growth of the Texans in 2018 and beyond.

Cite: Mastrucci, James. Contributing Sports Writer for the Texans and Cleveland Browns (Contact:  @jimmmitude)

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The Texans Plan an Off-Season Reconciliation

Texans Chemistry, QB Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins 

Houston Texans QB-Deshaun Watson took the league by storm with his stellar play on the field, during his first season in the NFL. He quickly emerged as a rising star at the position with plenty of potential to be a huge factor with his arm for the next decade. A major part of that promising outlook is his immediate connection with star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, as the two formed a dynamic tandem in the passing game during their brief time together in 2017.

Texans Quotes

According to sporting resources in the western United States, Watson recently spoke highly of his talented wide receiver, giving him praise for helping pull the most out of him on the field.

Vinnie Iyer of ’Sporting News’ reports: “It’s the type of person and player he is. [DeAndre Hopkins] He’s very relatable and you can feel connected with him once you meet him,” according to Texans QB-Deshaun Watson. “He’s easygoing but he wants to be the best and bring the best out of you. We just keep working on everything.”  

Houston Texans D Watson - Google Search
Houston Texans D Watson – Google Search

Houston Texans D. Watson

Surprisingly, over the first seven games, the first-year rookie quarterback D. Watson threw for 1,699 yards, while setting the rookie franchise-record with 19-touchdown passes. In relation, that particular achievement marks Watson where he is now tied for the most passing TDs in the NFL, before an ACL tear in practice ended his campaign.

Furthermore, this stretch included a huge performance in his final game prior to the injury in a tough 41-38 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, where he had career-best 402 passing yards and four passing touchdowns. Hopkins was the primary target in the passing game that day. He managed featuring fantastic targets for QB-Watkins – making eight catches for 224 receiving yards and a touchdown.

DeAndre Hopkins - 2018 Pro Bowl Select
DeAndre Hopkins – 2018 Pro Bowl Select

DeAndre Hopkins – 2018 Pro Bowl Select

Despite the loss of Watson, the Pro Bowl wideout DeAndre Hopkins showed his immense talent, by finishing up with a stellar season. WR Hopkins finished sixth with 96 receptions, fourth with 1,378 receiving yards, first with 13 receiving touchdowns, and second in receiving yards per game (roughly 92 yards).

With Watson progressing well in his recovery from a torn ACL, it should bode well for both he and Hopkins as they build on their success from last season to help possibly lead the Texans back to the playoffs. The future is bright for the franchise with these two leading the charge offensively.

In closing, Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun may earn additional opportunities to bring the Texans back to life, during the upcoming 2018 – 2019 NFL schedule. Fortunately, Watson is a stronger quarterback than in his post-collegiate career, regardless.

D. Watson is older, while learning more about the hands-on version of the NFL Texans. Moreover, Pro Bowl level wide receiver Hopkins continues to blend in with the correct crowd that wants more perfect targets for this particular AFC organization. D. Watson’s knee injury, from way back in November 2017, may have helped him earn additional amounts of gain time, before actual practices and scrimmage parties start.


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Will the Houston Texans Draft a New WR and QB?

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